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Hi, I’m Chantelle Elisha (aka Kingdom Faith Mom) and the gorgeous girl on my right is my daughter Leila-Mei (aka Kingdom Faith Kid). I’m a Prophet, Educator, Creative
and Millennial Mom who’s life was transformed by Jesus.  I’m dedicated to serving the Lord, sharing the Gospel and leaving a legacy of faith, hope and love (Matthew 28:19). While the journey hasn’t always been easy, I truly believe that nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37) so I’m always looking for strategic Biblical solutions to solve social injustices. I’m passionate about helping others discover who God created
them to be (Kingdom Identity), pursue their Big Vision relentlessly (Kingdom Purpose) and walk by faith and not by sight (Kingdom Lifestyle). Below you’ll find  more info about my SDA Hospitality and Millennial Moms Ministries and my video testimony.
I look forward to partnering with you soon!

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SDA Hospitality Ministry

When I gave my life to Christ, I had no clue that being separated, a single parent, enterprising or creative would be barriers to becoming a part of a church community as opposed to an opportunity for people within the church community to build bridges with me. I soon realized that although hospitality is implied and expected, it is often not delivered from a Kingdom perspective. Kingdom Hospitality isn’t about a meeting and greeting or the serving of food and drink. It’s being able to demonstrate the love of Jesus by meeting people at their point of need (irrespective of where they are on their journey with Christ). As I began to walk closely with the Lord He showed me how I could utilize my 10+ years hospitality and enterprise experience to help the Adventist Community to become more ‘Hospitable’ Churches. So, I now educate, empower and equip Seventh Day Adventist leaders to deliver professional Christ-like hospitality.

Millennial Moms Ministry

Being a millennial means I have a tendency to want to do things differently, to break free from ‘traditions’ and the ‘labels’ which society would love to place on me (it’s a constant struggle). I’m also a single mom who wants to her daughter to experience a life of faith, freedom, fun, excitement and hope instead of conforming to the norm. The Word says that who the Son sets FREE indeed, yet still I see too many Millennial Moms living in bondage. From fear and anxiety to hustling and grinding to accomplish the world’s definition of success. This is not what God wants! Jesus died so that we might have life and live more abundantly and live a faith-filled life which is centered around Him and the Kingdom. Now that I have broken FREE from bondage I’m on a mission to set 1 Million Millennial Moms FREE by empowering, equipping and teaching them how to go from poverty (mind, body and soul) to prosperity, so they can leave a legacy of faith for generations to come.

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