Enterprise-in-a-Box: Business Coach Kit

Why Business Coach Kit?


BusinessCoachKit generates a flow of high-quality leads using a proven marketing system matching a unique solution to a well-defined niche. Used properly this is guaranteed to produce well-qualified leads – business owners who have the problem you solve, who have proven their commitment to change and who know you have the best solution.

BusinessCoachKit converts a high proportion of those leads into clients at the fees you want to charge by selling only to well-qualified leads, selling them a solution matched to their problem and one which is tangible, understandable, credible, plannable and measurable and by giving you a sales process designed to help prospects sell to themselves

Using BusinessCoachKit means you continue to demonstrate value and retain clients over the long term. A shared framework helps you and the client assess areas for improvement, agreeing changes and priorities commit the client to an action plan, and progress tracking against the client’s stated objectives demonstrate value.

My Reasons

While the BusinessCoachKit may look like a resource for Business Coaches it’s way more than that! As a Creative Christian Leader, I have chosen to remix the resources, as opposed to use them in their original format to create the Enterprise Academy. The BusinessCoachKit is by far the best resource if you’re coaching or consulting in a business context and the material is the same quality as any Business Management Degree (I wish I had found it before going to university!). Nick, Director of the company is the consummate business professional and is always on hand to help. He has even put together a day one to your first client resource (which I used to start my enterprise) and step-by-step video training on how to get started.

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I’d love to walk you through the system to demonstrate it’s benefit and help you understand how you can utilise and contextualise the resources to start or grow your coaching or consulting enterprise.

Marketing Courses: Content Sparks

Why Content Sparks?


Content Sparks is your smart, time-saving solution for building your reputation, standing out from your competitors, and growing your profits.

Use our ready-to-go, premium content for all your course creation and marketing needs. Just edit, put your logo/name on, and sell or use to market your business and get more clients.

At Content Sparks, we have over 30 years of experience designing and developing professional business training content for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. We apply the principles of instructional design to each piece of our content, always focusing on the ultimate success of both you and your customers. 

We’ve designed our content to be adaptable to any market or audience, and to be flexible for use in any media format. You’ll be able to attract a larger audience with multiple learning styles when you take advantage of all of the customization opportunities with Content Sparks. Just take any piece of content from Content Sparks and add your own insights and voice. Everything is fully editable and customizable. 

My Reasons 

As an educator, I know good course material when I see it and Sharon’s courses aren’t good, they’re great! Not only are they excellent from an academic perspective (which most other done-for-you courses lack), but the content also covers up-to-date practical application for each subject. Best of all Sharon also provides bonus marketing materials to help you promote and sell your course. So, whether you’re looking to deliver online courses, in-person training or learn the material to position yourself as a marketing expert, I’d recommended using Content Sparks. 

Copywriting 101 - Tips and Formulas for Writing Words that Convert
Email Copywriting Essentials
Online Marketing Automation
How to Become an Influencer
How to Create Wow Experiences
The Profitable Product Launch Process
How to Start an Online Business on a Shoestring Budget

PLR Products: eBooks, Blogs & More


Private Label Rights (PLR) products aren’t new, but are gaining traction due to the increase of entrepreneurs (especially coaches) looking for done-for-you content so they can focus on delivering their services and keep their start-up costs low. PLR content comes in a variety shapes and sizes from pre-written social media posts and blogs to eBooks and courses, PLR has it all. The creators of PLR content provide you with a PLR license which details how you can use the content (similar to ‘white label’). Be warned, however, that not all PLR creators are equal and so, I caution you to do thorough research before purchasing anything – I’d suggest you start with my recommendations below. 

My Reasons

I’m a busy Creative Christian Leader, just like you and while I love creating content, I don’t have the time to do it all! So, I made a decision to only FOCUS on creating unique and contextualised content in-line with what God has gifted me to deliver personally.  I then had the choice of either spending a fortune on staff or utilising PLR and marketing automation. I’d failed enough times along my enterprise journey to choose the latter. The Vision God has given me for this enterprise would not be in motion (nor would I have the time to train and coach you) if I had not partnered with PLR professionals. Utlising PLR has saved me a ton of time and money! 

My Recommendations

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