CRM for Creatives: Dubsado

Why Dubsado?


Dubsado is a business management software that provides tools to simplify how people can run a business. Dubsado acts as a hub to running your business and ties multiple systems together to make running a business easier, smoother, and more efficient. Dubsado can save you time by automating different tasks and steps in your business to allow you to focus your time and energy into growing your business. In turn, a well organized business has the potential to book more clients and develop stronger relationships with existing ones. 

My Reasons 

One of my biggest frustrations as an enterprise owner is all of the admin – I #hateadmin. So, I’ve been adamant form the start that I must find an all-in-one CRM that offers me all of the tools necessary to run at bare minimum the coaching element of my enterprise. I absolutely love testing technology and I have probably tried every ‘well-known’ CRM (e.g. Zoho, Insightly, Hubspot, Satoriapp, Pipedrive and Capsule to name a few) and beta tested ones that aren’t even on the market yet. So, you can trust me when I say I have been around the CRM block! The problem with most, however, is that they did not provide me with the all-in-one dashboard that I needed to run my enterprise. Just when I was about to give up and go back to paper (yuck!), Dubsado came back on my radar. With a fresh new look and upgraded time-saving and productivity enhancing features added, I was sold! I mean what’s not to love about being able to manage my emails, invoices, payments, projects, proposals, questionnaires, scheduling, client paperwork and work-flows all in-one place? Better yet, Dubsado was made by creatives for creatives, so they just get me. So glad I gave them a second chance!

Get Your FREE Account
Dubsado are really supportive and want to help creatives get their enterprises running, so they let you use the system absolutely FREE for up to 3 clients, provide free 1-2-1 calls and free input of up to 10 of your current documents – So you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving them a try! 

Beautiful Branding: Tailor Brands


What if you could design anything you need in less than 30 seconds? With Tailor Brand’s online platform you can! From logodesign to presentations, and even entire brands, we’ve got you covered! Design a logo on the spot. Our logo creator has no hidden tricks and no pre-made logos. We’re a team of experts committed to streamlining the branding process for small businesses. Our company was founded on the belief that powerful branding should be accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level, background in design or budget size; as a result, we’ve created a platform that will take the wings of any business’s story and turn it into a brand that can fly.

My Reasons 

Your brand tells the world who you are and what you’re about. The font you choose, the words you choose, the colours you use all convey a message to your current and prospective clientele. By now you’ve probably figured out that I’m a bit of a nerd and I #lovetechnology. So, it should come as no surprise to learn that I use TailorBrands for one reason and on reason alone….. it’s automated! I tell it what I like and it ‘magically’ (well technically it’s Artificial intelligence (AI)) creates an awesome logo for me. If for any reason I don’t like the logo that’s presented I can go back and start the fun automated logo creating game again. So much better than trying to create one myself (like I used to before AI) or go back-and-fourth with designers (for which I don’t have the patience). Better yet, not only does Tailorbrands AI logo maker software create awesome logos, it also whizzes up an entire set of branded marketing material (social media logos, presentation templates, brand-book etc.) too. They’ve also just built in a social media tool as well, which I’m reviewing at the moment – I’ll keep you updated. 

Try Tailor Brands for FREE
If you’re in need of a new logo or want to re-vamp and old one, I’d encourage you to check out Tailor Brands. You can design for free and then purchase one of their super affordable packages (if you like what you see, that is). 

*Please note that the recommendations above contain affiliate links. Which means that if you decide to purchase the enterprise receives commission. Rest assured, however, that I don’t recommend products I don’t genuinely believe will help you develop as a Creative Christian Leader or start/grow your Enterprise.

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