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Reading a wide range of literature is a must for every Creative Christian Leader, but I have to admit I haven’t always  dedicated as much time to reading as I should have. Now, however, I’m whizzing through titles on Audible and it’s paid dividends. To view our collection of recommended reads (or listens) from Amazon CLICK HERE.

Keeping God and His Word at the forefront of your mind while running your enterprise can be a real juggling act. As such, we have to make an extra effort to remind ourselves of our identity in Christ, and God’s plans and purposes for our lives and our enterprises. To view our collection of Creative Christian Bibles and accessories from Amazon CLICK HERE.

Choosing the right tools and resources to start or grow your enterprise can be a painful and challenging process (it’s taken me 2 years, so I definitely feel your pain!). That’s why I thought I’d make your life easier by sharing the details of the CRM, marketing automation and branding tools I use to run my enterprise seamlessly. CLICK HERE to find out more

One of the biggest struggles most enterprise owners (especially solopreneurs) have is finding enough time to create content while running their enterprise. But what if I told you, you could access done-for-you eBooks, blogs, social media posts and coaching, consulting and training resources? You’d be interested, right? CLICK HERE to find out more.

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